Our animal welfare work is platinum standard

Women with dog sat on her lap

We've achieved the platinum standard in the annual RSPCA PawPrints awards. This award is the highest level of recognition a public service organisation or local authority can have for its work in animal welfare. It is awarded to organisations that have achieved Gold PawPrints status for five or more consecutive years.

Both our Environmental Community Protection Animal Welfare service and Housing teams have been recognised for good practice, exceeding requirements, with the aim of achieving higher animal welfare standards.

Since 2008, the RSPCA’s PawPrints Awards has been the only scheme recognising good practice by local authorities in relation to animal welfare. 

The teams excelled in two areas:

Stray Dogs Footprint

The main aim of this is to set a level of good practice for stray dog provision. It recognises local authorities that have mechanisms and policies to ensure dog welfare, provide staff training, and promote responsible dog ownership. It also aims to encourage local authorities to address any resource and service issues that may help them to meet the footprint criteria in the future.

Cllr Robin Bromham, our Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Operations, said: “We're thrilled to achieve the prestigious platinum standard for our exceptional work in the Stray Dogs Footprint category. This recognition reflects our commitment to ensuring the welfare of stray dogs in our community and our dedication to responsible dog ownership. We are proud to set a high standard for animal welfare practices."

Housing Footprint

This recognises housing providers who take positive steps to encourage and ensure responsible pet ownership in the properties they manage.

It aims to encourage a considered pets-in-housing policy - rather than creating one in response to problems that have arisen.

Simy Dhyani, our Portfolio Holder for Housing and Property Services, said: "We're delighted to achieve the platinum standard in for our outstanding efforts in the Housing Footprint category. Our commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership within the properties we manage is unwavering. We aim to create a community that values and respects the wellbeing of pets and their owners, and this award is a testament to our ongoing dedication to this cause."

Report a concern

Our Animal Welfare team can help with concerns about the neglect or abuse of an animal, including dogs, cats, horses, small household pets, exotics, and wildlife. You can report these by emailing or calling 01442 228455.