Save up to £720 and win a meal by reducing your food waste

The Mayor Cllr William Allen and Cllr Robin Bromham standing beside new vehicle artwork to promote the #WorthSaving campaign

We're excited to support the Hertfordshire-wide #WorthSaving campaign, which is encouraging residents to follow 4 Steps to Save food waste and money by developing better habits.

The campaign aims to reduce the amount of food thrown away unnecessarily, with every household able to save up to £720 a year, according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP). 

By signing up to the campaign newsletter - to receive hints and tips on making the most of your food via email - and participating in two quick surveys, you could win a cooking experience with a professional chef and a meal out, all paid for by the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership. You can find more information and terms and conditions on the WasteAware website.

The campaign follows a study in 2020 by the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership, which showed that around 24 per cent of the rubbish in Hertfordshire’s refuse bins was made up of food that could have been eaten.

Cllr Robin Bromham, our Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Operations, said: “At a time when household budgets are being stretched by rising costs of living, including the increasing costs of food, it’s more important than ever to reduce the amount of food we throw away.

“On top of rising living costs, we continue to receive stark warnings and local examples of what the climate crisis will mean for us all. Reducing our food waste is a simple, cost-saving way to live more sustainably and help us reach our net-zero targets.”

Discarding food has a huge impact on the environment, wasting all of the land, fertiliser, transport and water needed to produce the food, with wasted edible food generating around 10 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn the 4 Steps to Save and to enter the prize draw, visit the WasteAware website and sign up to the #WorthSaving challenge to receive weekly tips and guidance on how to reduce food waste over the course of five weeks.

If you would like to support the campaign by displaying posters, sharing leaflets or organising a talk to a community group from a WasteAware representative, please email