Statement on Parking Service Tariff Proposals

Following consultation with Cabinet colleagues and the wider Liberal Democratic Group, the Parking Service Tariff Proposals tabled for Cabinet on Tuesday 18 July 2023 have been deferred.

Councillor Ron Tindall, Leader of the Council, said at the meeting that this will allow officers to carry out further financial modelling, to allow Councillors to review various aspects of the proposals in further detail before Cabinet decides to formally consult residents on proposed changes. The report will be moved to the Cabinet meeting on 12 September or 17 October 2023.

The Cabinet report proposed increases to parking charges across the borough, to reflect the rising cost of services and an inflation increase since the last time charges were increased in 2019. It also proposed a range of changes to charging policies, including proposals to address historic differences in the current parking fee structure, where certain areas have historically benefited from free parking. Cabinet felt that more consideration had to be given to those changes where there were substantial alterations in the charging structure.

Councillor Sally Symington, Portfolio Holder for Corporate and Commercial Services, said: “We appreciate at a time of high inflation and rising interest rates, that any extra cost, however small, in relation to car prices, fuel and car tax will impact motorists. However, there is a need to balance this with the fact that the Council also faces financial challenges from inflation, rising costs to deliver services and decreased central Government funding, and so needs to cover the cost of delivery of essential services."

The Council will now develop timings for further work to review the proposals, before a report is brought to Cabinet on proposals to issue for public consultation.