Gadebridge Park attractions

Gadebridge Park sits between Hemel Hempstead Old Town and the Leighton Buzzard Road. See a map of the park.

Splash park - coming soon

Gadebridge Park will soon be home to a new splash park, set to open in summer 2018. We will also be installing new additional, seasonal toilets and a kiosk, which will serve refreshments for visitors. 

Play area

The play area, located off the Queensway car park, offers a wide range of equipment designed for children and young people aged from 2 to 15 years.

A new play area will be opened next to the splash park in summer 2018.

Skate park

Located by the car park off the Leighton Buzzard Road, the skate park is equipped with five quarter pipes, a jump box, volcano, half pyramid, grind box, midi ramp and a grind rail.


For more information, please visit our public toilets page.

Cycle paths and walks

Cycle paths run along the main drive from Queensway (Bury Lodge entrance) to Piccotts End Road and through to the Leighton Buzzard Road underpass.


The Countryside Management Service (CMS) has devised a 5km (three-mile) walk through Gadebridge Park, up the Nickey Line to Howe Grove Wood and back. For more information, visit the Countryside Management Service website.

Boot camps and commercial fitness trainers

At present, we haven't authorised any personal trainers or boot camps to use Council land for commercial training classes. Those that do so are using the land without consent.