Food hygiene rating appeal

How to appeal against a rating

If you do not agree with the rating we give you, you can appeal.

You must appeal within 21 days (including weekends and bank holidays) of receiving your notification letter.

To appeal, please download and complete the  Food Hygiene Rating Scheme appeal form (PDF 299KB)

Request a revisit

There is no limit on the number of revisit requests a food business can make.

Each revisit request costs £204 for 2023-2024. The revisit will take place no later than three months from the date we receive payment.

We can revisit your premises on request provided you have made the improvements to hygiene relating to the last inspection.

To request a revisit, please download and complete the  Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - Request a revisit form (PDF 301KB).

Right to reply

After an inspection, you have a right to reply. This is different to an appeal.

The right to reply gives you the chance to let us know how you have improved hygiene. You can also explain if there were unusual circumstances at the time of the inspection. We will publish the right to reply online with your business’ hygiene rating.

Please download and complete the  Food Hygiene Rating Scheme right to reply form (PDF 214 KB) and send it to

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