South Hemel Opportunity Area

As we continue to develop our new Local Plan, which needs to accommodate around 18,500 new homes to 2038, we are looking to identify several new ‘Opportunity Areas’ across Hemel Hempstead. One of those has been identified in the Apsley and Two Waters area of Hemel Hempstead.

We know from our recent Local Plan consultation that the continued regeneration of the town remains a key priority for our community and we're keen to take this forward by exploring new opportunities for further regeneration and renewal.

Over the next nine to 12 months, we'll be leading a programme to develop a new long-term vision for South Hemel and how this will deliver the wider transformation of the town.

The current programme of work consists of the following:

South Hemel Opportunity Area programme of work
Time  Work 
Summer 2021 Baseline assessment of issues and opportunities
Autumn 2021 Visioning and objective setting
Spring 2022 Drafting of emerging strategy ideas for consultation

Initial area of interest

Please view our  South Hemel Opportunity Area Map (PDF 9MB).

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