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OT 1

Dacorum Borough Local Plan
a) Written Statement.
b) Proposals Map.
c) Area Based Policies SPG.

April 2004 Dacorum Borough Council
OT 2 Statement of Community Involvement
June 2006 Dacorum Borough Council
OT 3 Local Development Scheme
May 2009 Dacorum Borough Council
OT 4  Dacorum Development Programme 2011-2015 Version 2 (PDF 648KB) January 2012 Dacorum Borough Council
OT 5  Equalities Impact Assessment – Local Planning Framework (PDF 138KB) April 2012 Dacorum Borough Council
OT 6  Assesment by Dacorum Borough Council of its Pre-submission Core Strategy (NPPF Compliance Checklist) (PDF 256KB) June 2012  Dacorum Borough Council
OT 7  PAS Legal Compliance Toolkit (PDF 374KB) August 2012 Dacorum Borough Council (using template provided by the Planning Advisory Service)
OT 8 Inspector's Report: Review of the Local Plan Sept 2002 Dacorum Borough Council 
OT 9 Green Belt and Settlements Technical Report 2000 Dacorum Borough Council
OT 10 Proposed Development at Gorehambury: Hemel Hempstead East. Supporting Information January 2008 Entec