Learning and exploring at the Water Gardens 

Learning at the Water Gardens

Education resource pack for schools

As part of the regeneration of the Jellicoe Water Gardens, an educational resource pack for schools was produced to promote the fantastic learning opportunities that exist within the Gardens.

The educational resource pack includes activities that relate to Key Stage 2 (for pupils aged 7-11) and Key Stage 3 (aged 11-14) in subjects such as geography, history, art and biology. The activities can either be used in the classroom or on site at the Water Gardens.

Please click on the link below to download a copy of the Water Gardens Educational Resource Pack:

Please download the following resources to assist in conducting the Water Gardens Tree Survey, as outlined in the educational resource pack: 

For more information and resources for learning at the Water Gardens, please email watergardens@dacorum.gov.uk.

Please note: it is the responsibility of the school to conduct its own risk assessments of the Water Gardens before visiting.

Exploring the Water Gardens

Our  Map of the Water Gardens (PDF 7MB) identifies the key points of interests within the Gardens. 

Red Mason Bee Project

As part of the Bee Guardian scheme, release boxes and nest houses have been installed in the Water Gardens to encourage Red Mason bees, who are known to be excellent pollinators for fruit trees. Learn more about the  Red Mason Bee Project (PDF 631KB).

Community Garden Fruit Tree Collection Project

The Community Garden Fruit Tree Collection Project at the Water Gardens has been set up to embrace and showcase some of the tastiest, most attractive local fruit varieties in Hertfordshire. Learn more about the  Heritage Fruit Tree Collection Project (PDF 1MB).