The Forget-me-not memorial garden for babies

The SANDS memorial garden for babies and the hugging statueThe garden was created by Hemel and St Albans SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) in partnership with Dacorum Borough Council. It was formally opened by the Mayor of Dacorum during a ceremony on 22 May 2004. SANDS offers support to parents and grandparents who have experienced stillbirth or the death of their baby shortly after birth.

Many people who have suffered miscarriages or loss during early pregnancy have nowhere to remember their babies. Those who experienced stillbirth many years ago had no way of finding out where their babies' final resting place was, or may have had no access to it. Some parents feel uncomfortable in the place where their children's ashes have been laid. This garden has been created for the whole community to enjoy and is a special place for all those who have been touched by the death of a baby to reflect and find peace.

The Forget-me-not Fairy poem

"So small, so blue, in grassy places,
my flowers raise their tiny faces.
By streams my bigger sisters grow,
and smile in gardens in a row.
I've never seen a garden plot,
but though I'm small,
forget me not."

Cicely Mary Barker.

Thanks to

  • Original hard landscape design by Jamie Lawrie (NAT DIP LAND CON),
  • Timber Landscapes, Bradiford, Devon.
  • Garden design by Caroline Muddle, New Leaf Garden Design, St Albans
  • Hard Landscaping by G&J Groundworks, Luton
  • Hugging Couple VIII Statue by Mark Humphrey, Lower Dairy House, Toller Fratrum, Dorchester, Dorset
  • Project managed by Nick Graham, Dacorum Borough Council

This garden was made a reality by the generosity of many groups and individuals too numerous to mention by name and grants and/or donations from: Dacorum Borough Council, Hertfordshire Environmental Landfill Partnership, European Union Social Fund, St Albans Round Table, William Sutton Trust.

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