The Coronation Big Lunch - street parties and other events

The Coronation Big Lunch (6 to 8 May 2023) will bring neighbours and communities together to share friendship, food and fun. From a cup of tea with a neighbour to a big street party, the event is a great way to celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III and get to know your community a little better. For inspiration, top tips and practical advice, visit the Eden Project Communities website.

We would like to make this process as easy as possible so have put together some information about organising your street party.

Planning your event

You'll need to identify which category your event fits into. The Government has identified two different types of celebrations for the Coronation:

Street parties

  • Only for residents/neighbours
  • Publicity only for residents
  • In a quiet residential road, block of flats or local green space
  • Self-organised
  • Normally no insurance
  • No formal risk assessment needed
  • No licences normally necessary unless the sale of alcohol is involved.

There is no requirement to complete a risk assessment or other documentation, however residents will be responsible for their own health and safety. It is important to ensure that access for emergency vehicles is available at all times. 

Further advice on safely planning your event is available from the Eden Communities Project, The Government and the The Street Party Site.

Other public events

  • Anyone can attend
  • External publicity (such as online or posters)
  • In buildings, parks and so on
  • Professional/skilled organisers
  • Insurance needed
  • Risk assessment common to be written
  • Licence usually needed.

Public events are ones that can be attended by the local community and are in public locations. These should follow the Dacorum Safety Advisory Group process.

Road closures

If you’re planning to have a street party or event on a public road, you’ll need to get permission to close the road. Road closures in Dacorum are processed by Hertfordshire County Council. Most of these requests will be available free of charge, as long as they do not affect a bus route.

Coronation requests will need to be made before Sunday 26 March, to allow for processing time. Find out more and apply for a road closure.

If you are hosting a larger event, rather than just a street party for your neighbours, approval of road closures does not always mean the event is able to go ahead. Larger events will need to ensure that they meet the safety requirements of the Dacorum Safety Advisory Group.

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