Fire safety in high-rise flats

Over the years since the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower in Kensington in 2017, there has been considerable concern expressed nationally about fire safety and cladding of high-rise blocks of flats. Following this tragedy, we wrote to our tenants and leaseholders living in high-rise council flats to inform and reassure them about their homes. We also carried out tests to identify the specific materials in any cladding panels, as well as instructing our contractor to carry out additional fire inspections to individual flats within these buildings. We are confident that, in the event of a fire within a flat, it will be contained and will not move on to the next flat.

We own six blocks that are six storeys or above in height and none of these buildings have external aluminium composite cladding as used on Grenfell Tower. All fire risk assessments are up to date and we would like to reassure residents that all our blocks of flats are low risk.

We work closely with the Fire and Rescue Service to confirm safety advice and pass this on to residents. As always, we ask residents to continue to follow our safety advice, which includes keeping to the clear landings policy, not using naked flames on balconies (for example, barbecues) and keeping fire doors closed.

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