Moving to a smaller home

If your council home is too large for you then we can help you move to a smaller one. 

Even if you are behind with your rent we will consider helping you move to a smaller home. We will pay you an amount of money according to the number of bedrooms that you are giving up. If you have rent arrears we will use this money to reduce the outstanding amount and will then give you any money left over.

  • We will pay you £500 for each bedroom that you are giving up. (One payment will be made per household).
  • We would also pay your moving costs and will install your cooker and washing machine if you are moving into another DBC home.
  • To help you move to a smaller home we will award you an additional 45 points for each bedroom that you are giving up.

If you would like to move to a smaller council home, please contact your Housing Officer (Tenancy) by calling 01442 228000 and asking for 'Housing or by emailing

You can also move to a smaller home by swapping with another tenant. We call this a mutual exchange. However, if you move home by this method you will not be entitled to receive any payment.

For more information, please view our  Help to Move Policy - March 2021.

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