Reusable period products scheme

A selection of reusable menstrual productsThe issues with single-use period products

Disposable period products are only really disposable by name, they are actually very difficult to dispose of given that they contain up to 90 per cent fossil fuel-based plastic. Single-use period products, such as tampons, pads and liners generate 200,000 tonnes of waste per year in the UK and it is estimated that around two billion of these are flushed down toilets each year - that’s 4.6 million every single day. As they are mainly made of plastic, they take hundreds of years to break down.

Despite warnings on the packets, many people think that disposable period products can be flushed. Apart from being harmful to marine life, disposable products flushed down the toilet contribute to another problem - fatbergs. Fatbergs are huge masses of period products, wet wipes, nappies, fats and oils. Every year the UK spends around £100 million clearing an estimated 300,000 fatbergs.

Flushing disposable period products can also block your toilets.

Herts Sustainable Periods - discount scheme

This is why Herts WasteAware created the Herts Sustainable Periods scheme. The scheme offers residents a 15 per cent discount on reusable period products with selected suppliers. Reusable products are a more environmentally friendly option that are also cheaper in the long run and can be much more comfortable and convenient than their single-use counterparts. The scheme aims to tackle period waste while also addressing a number of other issues around women’s health and period poverty.

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