Environmental permit public consultation

Industrial processes have the potential to release pollution to air, land and water and cause damage to the environment and human health. For this reason, many industrial processes are required by law to operate in accordance with Environmental Permits that place conditions on their operation in order to minimise the release of pollutants.

It is a requirement of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 for us to consult the public on applications for an environmental permit where the application is for a process that is not a dry cleaner, petrol station or mobile plant.

Public consultation in the vast majority of cases will be limited to a public notice posted in the immediate vicinity of the land or property to which the application relates, and notification via this page.

Current consultations

Currently, there are no active public consultations (see below):

Environmental permit applications
Application process Permit application number Site address   Consultation start date End of consultation Application documents Representations received

If you wish to comment on an application, please email ecp@dacorum.gov.uk and quote the application process, permit application number and site address. Please also specify that you are responding to a public consultation process.

Further information

For more information about environmental permitting legislation, visit our Environmental Permits page.

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