Dacorum Climate Action Network events and initiatives

The Dacorum Climate Action Network (CAN) organises events and initiatives throughout the year for residents, schools and organisations to get involved in. This page is regularly updated with the latest news.

Water Butt Giveaway

Water butt attached to gutter. Plant pots stand either side of the water butt.

In March 2023, Dacorum CAN gave away 20 water butts to encourage residents to reduce the amount of water used from the mains water supply and lower their carbon footprint.

Benefits of using a water butt

  • Water butts collect rain water, providing a source of water during periods of drought 
  • Once set up, water butts reduce the financial cost of using fresh water from your mains supply
  • Emissions arise from the processes involved in treating and transporting water to make it suitable for human consumption. So, by reducing the overall usage of water from your mains supply, water butts can lower your carbon footprint. 

Winners were chosen at random and have been contacted with details about how to redeem their prize.

Annual conference and networking event

Dacorum CAN hosted its second annual conference and networking event on Thursday 3 November 2022 at The Forum in Hemel Hempstead (and streamed online). The free event enabled over 130 Dacorum residents to network with like-minded individuals and organisations to help them "think global and act local".

More than 20 local organisations held stalls at the event, and the audience heard from eight speakers. Find out more, see photos and watch again on our YouTube channel.

Act Local - Environmental Volunteering Map

As one of the key aims of the Dacorum Climate Action Network is to encourage people to 'think global and act local', we have created an Environmental Volunteering Map to help connect people to local organisations and groups that have volunteering opportunities.

There are a range of different activities to suit different skillsets and interests. All volunteering opportunities are related to activities that either reduce emissions or help to improve biodiversity.

Click the icon on the black bar in the top left hand corner to view the symbol key.

By clicking on each icon on the map you will find more information about each of the group's activities and opportunities, including:

  • Type of volunteer work
  • Requirements
  • When work typically takes place
  • Contact details
  • Website

If you are a group or organisation and have an environmental volunteering opportunity you want to be listed, please email sustainability@dacorum.gov.uk.

Wildflower seed giveaway

To celebrate Biodiversity Day (Sunday 22 May 2022), Dacorum Climate Action Network gave away  thousands of packets of wildflower seeds to residents and schools. We also ran a primary school competition to win a large insect hotel - complete with planters, compost, flowers and wildflower seeds.

Learn more about biodiversity and what we are doing to improve it locally. 

Events calendar

Find out what local environmental events are taking place via our Dacorum CAN events calendar.

If you would like an event to be added to the calendar, please email sustainability@dacorum.gov.uk.