Youth involvement

We've been working with young people around Dacorum on a series of projects for a number of years now. Some of the projects and opportunities that we offer were suggested and developed by our young people.

Youth Action Entertainers (YAE)

The Youth Action Entertainers group gets together to perform a few times a year. The group aims to give back to the community by performing for older adults and adults with learning disabilities. Some young people do not perform but prefer to talk to residents and help with refreshments on the day. Young volunteers are aged 9 to 19 years old. Visit the Youth Action Entertainers page.

M-ASK wellbeing drama programme

Starting in January 2017, this programme uses theatre techniques to help those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and other conditions affecting mental wellbeing. Everyone is welcome to take part in this free programme, but you must be aged 11 or over and live in Dacorum borough. For more information, visit our M-ASK wellbeing drama programme page.

Contact us

For more information, please email or call 01442 228000.