Sign up for a free water butt to help the environment and save money

Water butt attached to gutter. Plant pots stand either side of the water butt.

We're giving away 20 water butts to help residents reduce the amount of water they use from their mains supply and lower their carbon footprint

The initiative is organised by the Dacorum Climate Action Network (Dacorum CAN) which works to encourage and enable residents and local organisations to "think global and act local " to help tackle the climate and ecological emergency, while saving money.

Using a water butt decreases the amount needed from your mains water supply, reducing your carbon footprint and helping to preserve our rare chalk streams and rivers.

For your chance to pick up a free 100-litre water butt, along with a stand, tap and filler kit, simply register on our Dacorum Climate Action Network page. The giveaway is open to all Dacorum residents and will end on Tuesday 21 March 2023.

Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday 22 March 2023, and will need to collect their prize from B&Q, Two Waters Road, Hemel Hempstead HP3 9BX by 4pm on Sunday 26 March 2023.

For information about our climate and ecological strategy, please visit our Climate Change and Sustainability page.