Take our Love Food, Hate Waste Challenge

Dacorum Love Food Hate Waste Challenge 2022 with images of vegetables and Dacorum Borough Council and Love Food Hate Waste logos

In November our annual Dacorum Love Food, Hate Waste Challenge will return for its seventh consecutive year.

UK households waste 4.5 million tonnes of edible food every year, which amounts to around £720 for an average family per year. With the current cost of living crisis, saving our food is more necessary than ever. As well as the cost, every bit of wasted food also has an environmental impact - transport, fuel, water, energy - it all adds up. Not only the harmful greenhouse gases created by producing food that isn’t used, or even from the food rotting in landfill, it’s also the waste of all the precious resources that it takes to bring that food to your plate.   

Whether you feel like you waste very little food or are conscious of your food waste habits and would like to learn how to tackle these, we encourage you to sign up to this year’s challenge.

The challenge aims to help you reduce your food waste through regular guidance in the form of top tips to limit avoidable food waste in your day-to-day life, recipe ideas and a food waste diary to keep track of your progress. Participants also have an opportunity to win a food blender to help reduce their food waste even further.

Last year more than 170 Dacorum residents completed the challenge, 84 per cent of whom felt it helped reduce food waste in their household and 96 per cent of whom said they were likely to share what they’d learned with their friends or family.

Elizabeth, one of last year’s participants, said: “This challenge has been a real eye-opener for me. I wasn’t taught things like this at school such as basics of how to manage a kitchen but this has really made me review how we live and eat as a family."

While another participant, Rob, said: “This project allowed us a point of focus and was just what we needed. I noticed it most when I debated putting our bin out for collection as there was so little to take."

Our Love Food, Hate Waste Challenge will run from Tuesday 1 November to Wednesday 30 November 2022. To register, email to express your interest.

You can find more information about the challenge on our Love Food, Hate Waste page.