Changes to social housing allocations

We have carried out a review of our social housing allocations policy to ensure properties are allocated to residents who are most in need. This means that the points awarded to applicants on the Housing Register, who then bid on available properties, will change in July based on their circumstances. Applicants need to ensure that their details on Moving with Dacorum are updated before Friday 24 June 2022 to ensure they have the correct points - otherwise they could miss out on securing a property.

Changes coming in from July include:

  • Changes to the level of points awarded, for those who are homeless, in temporary accommodation or under-occupying. Additional points will also be added for medical and welfare cases
  • Two children of the opposite sex will be able to share a room up to the age of 10, bringing Dacorum’s policy in line with Government standards
  • Village Connection criteria has been reduced from a 10-year residency to a five-year residency
  • An annual gross income limit will be introduced - this will be tiered against the size of the property
  • Applicants will have their points for time spent on the register removed
  • All applicants will have their pre-tenancy training points removed as these will no longer be awarded. Pre-tenancy online training is now a requirement for all those under 60 who are not applying for supported housing.

Cllr Margaret Griffiths, Member for Housing, said: "There is huge demand on our social housing. We want to make the best use of the homes we have and to be able to quickly and efficiently allocate properties to applicants who are most in need.

"These changes will prioritise applicants on our housing register based on their personal circumstances and level of housing need, ensuring that we are letting homes to households who cannot afford to rent or buy privately."

We review our allocations policy every four years as a statutory legal requirement to make sure that it continues to act fairly and meet local housing demand in the area. We run a choice-based lettings system and this is not a waiting list. Applicants who are considered adequately housed will need to look for alternative housing options.

For more information, a full list of changes or to update your application, please visit the Moving with Dacorum website.