Gardeners snap up 10 tonnes of free compost

Staff fill bags of compost during our giveaway event

On Sunday (16 May 2021), we gave away 10 tonnes of peat-free compost to residents to celebrate International Compost Awareness Week (2 to 8 May). More than 400 keen gardeners came from across the borough to collect their free bags. 

Queues of green-fingered residents filled Cupid Green Depot to collect their compost, which was kindly provided by Biogen, the company responsible for turning Dacorum residents' garden waste into quality compost. Residents also received free packets of bee-friendly wildflower seeds to plant at home.

To adhere to COVID-19 guidelines, the Cupid Green staff loaded each car boot with two compost bags so that residents did not have to leave their cars. The 10 tonnes of compost available was snapped up in just over an hour!

Councillor Graham Barrett, Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, was on site to help load the compost bags into cars on the day. He said: “I am thrilled to see so many happy, green-fingered residents here today. This event is the perfect example of a circular economy, showing that the contents of residents' green bins are turned into nutrient-rich compost, which is then ready to be used again in their gardens. Residents were also very happy with the wildflower seeds, which will not only make gardens look lovely but will attract important pollinators, too."

Because the compost is made from recycled garden waste, it means that it is peat-free. This is important as the production of peat is bad for the environment, destroying valuable eco systems and releasing carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. When choosing your compost always be sure to look for peat-free. 

Have you tried creating your own compost from the comfort of your garden? You could get your own home compost bin and transform your fruit and vegetable peelings and garden waste into your own nutrient-rich soil improver. For more information, visit our home composting page.

If you find that you are frequently overfilling your green bin, you may be interested in our Additional Garden Waste Subscription Service.