Protecting our public spaces

Town centre PSPO

A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is a way of controlling certain specified anti-social behaviours that have taken place in particular public areas.  

On 29 July we introduced a PSPO for Hemel Hempstead town centre and a borough-wide dog PSPO. The PSPOs have been introduced to help tackle issues in the town centre and promote responsible dog ownership. Breaching a PSPO can result in a £75 fixed penalty notice.

The town centre PSPO bans cycling and skateboarding in the most highly populated areas of the town centre, including the pedestrianised shopping areas. The PSPO also covers spitting (including chewing gum) and urinating or defecating in a public place.

The dog PSPO covers five areas, including failure to pick up after your dog and failure to keep your dog out of play areas. 

Portfolio Holder for Community and Regulatory Services, Cllr Julie Banks, said: "Both PSPOs are vitally important to ensure residents can enjoy their community and promote responsible dog ownership. We don't want people to stop enjoying themselves but we do want to tackle the behaviour of the minority whose behaviour has a detrimental impact on the lives of others."

We are working closely with Hemel Safer Neighbourhood Team and held a joint event in the town centre during the summer holidays to raise awareness of the new PSPO. Dacorum Safer Neighbourhood Inspector, Jeff Scott, said: "Where resources allow, we are carrying out high-visibility patrols of the town centre and working in partnership with the local authority to tackle behaviour which is detrimental to the wellbeing of residents and visitors. My teams are fully aware of the PSPO and its terms, and will work with the local authority to enforce it with the aim of reducing anti-social behaviour to make the town centre a pleasant place to live, work and shop."

There are 12 Council officers that are authorised to carry out enforcement of the dog-related PSPO, including a Dog Warden, Animal Welfare Officer, Pest Control Officers, Environmental Health Officers and Environmental Enforcement Officers.

Members of the public are encouraged to report any breaches of the Town Centre PSPO to and the Dog PSPO to

Further information about the PSPOs and the areas they cover is available on our public spaces protection orders page.