Remember your reusables

Looking for a New Year's resolution? How about ditching single-use plastic and remembering your reusables instead!

As part of the WasteAware Herts Partnership, we are running a campaign throughout January to spread awareness about all of the reusable alternatives available to help reduce waste. 

The problems of plastic pollution in our environment, from our soils to our seas, has shown us that it is more important than ever to ditch plastic from our daily lives. Whether it's on the go or around the house, there are loads of easy ways you can swap single-use plastic for reusable alternatives.

The UK uses over 13 billion plastic bottles every year, and a staggering 60 per cent of these are just water bottles. Imagine how much waste could be saved if everyone simply used a reusable water bottle. Tap water is also much cheaper than bottled water.

Whether you are heading out to work, school, or just to the shops, make sure you remember, reuse and refill your drinks bottle.

Besides water bottles don't forget to remember your reusable:

  • Keep cup - for all of your hot drinks; many cafés offer a discount for using these
  • Lunchbox - packed lunches reduce waste and are often much cheaper and healthier, too
  • Shopping bags - store these in your car, handbag or by your door so you always have them ready.

Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, Councillor Janice Marshall, said: "Recycling is brilliant for the environment, but it is more important to reduce the amount of waste you create by remembering your reusables instead. Grabbing items such as water bottles, keep cups and shopping bags as you head out the door should become as important as picking up your wallet, keys or phone."

There are loads of simple switches you can make around your home too, one of the easiest being to swap soap pumps and shower gel bottles for a bar of soap instead.

You can find out more about reusable alternatives and ditching single-use plastic on our Reusables page.

Already have reusables in your daily routine? Enter the Hertfordshire WasteAware Facebook competition and you could win a free eco-hamper.

For more information on the campaign, visit the WasteAware website.