Problem parking

If a car is legally taxed and insured, it can be parked on the public highway provided that:

  • there are no parking restrictions in force
  • it isn't causing an obstruction (for example, parked in a narrow road preventing traffic from passing).

We can only issue Penalty Charge Notices (parking tickets) to vehicles where there is a waiting restriction in force.

If a vehicle is causing an obstruction, please report it to the police on 101.

Residential parking schemes

We can only introduce parking schemes in residential areas where commuters (for example, to shopping centres or railway stations) park inconsiderately in residential areas.

So far, we have introduced 12 controlled parking zones in Dacorum. 

We cannot introduce parking schemes in areas where a lack of kerbside parking is caused by the number of vehicles owned by residents. We cannot limit the number of cars that a household can own, and we cannot force residents to use their off-street parking.

Introducing new parking schemes

Unfortunately, due to the current financial situation, we cannot introduce any new residents’ parking schemes at this time.

We keep a record of the areas in Dacorum that could benefit from the introduction of a residents’ parking scheme. If funding becomes available in the future, the list will be reviewed. If you think that the area you live in should be on the list you should contact your ward councillor

For all other road schemes, such as waiting restrictions to prevent dangerous and obstructive parking, and speed humps, please contact Hertfordshire County Council