Bovingdon Neighbourhood Plan

Pre-submission consultation 2023

Bovingdon Parish Council held a consultation on the pre-submission version of its Neighbourhood Plan between 5 January and 17 February 2023 (known as Regulation 14).The Parish Council will now be reviewing the responses received and will amend the plan, if appropriate, before submitting it to us. 

Next steps

When the Parish Council submits its plan to us (Regulation 15) it will also include:

  • A statement summarising the main issues and concerns raised through the Regulation 14 consultation and how these have been addressed
  • A statement setting out how the plan meets 'the basic conditions'.

We will then hold a Regulation 16 consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan before it is submitted for examination by an independent examiner.

Designating the Neighbourhood Area

The application for the Neighbourhood Area designation was for the whole of Bovingdon Parish. A public consultation on the application was held (see below for details) and in December 2018, after considering comments received, we officially designated the Neighbourhood Area for Bovingdon.

Public consultation 2018

Bovingdon Parish Council applied to designate its parish area as a neighbourhood area. This is the first step towards creating a neighbourhood plan for the area.

Once a council adopts a neighbourhood plan, it sits alongside the development plan for the area and is used to influence decisions on planning applications in the neighbourhood area.

We received an application on 13 June 2018 and held a consultation between 16 October and 30 November 2018. The application included:

Please note: this was not a consultation on the neighbourhood plan itself, but merely the identification of the area for which the parish council wishes to prepare a neighbourhood plan.

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