Site Allocations progress

The Site Allocations DPD (development plan document) will allocate land for the main housing sites that will be built in the borough over the next 20 years. It will also allocate land for other specific proposals, such as for retail and employment uses.

How far have we got?

The following stages have already been completed:

  • Evidence base including a Schedule of Site Appraisals (Nov 2006, Nov 2008 and June 2014)
  • Issues and options:
    ~ First stage consultation (Nov 2006)
    ~ Supplementary consultation (Nov 2008)
  • Consultation report on Site Allocations (Oct 2010)
  • Stakeholder workshops for the Local Allocations (May 2013)
  • Pre-Submission:
    ~ First stage consultation (Sept - Nov 2014)
    ~ Report of representations (July 2015)
    ~ Focused Changes to the Pre-Submission consultation (Aug - Sept 2015)
  • Submission (Feb 2016) 

Strategic environmental assessment and sustainability appraisals have also been done to support each stage of the document. 

Next steps

The Pre-Submission Site Allocations document, incorporating the Focused Changes was submitted to the planning inspectorate on 5 February 2016, following approval by Cabinet (15 December 2015) and Full Council (24 January 2016). Planning Inspector Louise Crosby (MA MRTPI) has been appointed to undertake an independent examination into the soundness of our Site Allocations Plan.

For more information, please see our Site Allocations Examination page.