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Town & Country Planning Key Changes

Environment Agency free Pre-Application Advice Service

The Environment Agency offer a free pre-application service.  If the proposed development site is a hectare or more, in flood zones 2 or 3, close to a watercourse or on potentially contaminated land it is worthwhile using this service to check the likely EA response at planning stage.

Fees for Minor Non-material Amendments and for Extension of Time  

Please note that fees for minor non-material amendments and for extensions of time are being introduced from 26th February 1010.

Non-material Amendments to Planning Permissions

Arrangements came in on 1st October 2009 to formalise the procedure for all non-material amendments (opens in new window)to planning permissions (for example changing the position of a window where there would be no overlooking issues involved or changing the external materials). New forms apply (see above link).

Extension of Planning Permissions

Planning Permission extension arrangements were clarified as arrangements came into force on 1st October 2009 to enable the time period on planning permissions to be extended. New forms and fees apply (opens in new window).

Charges for Documents, Pre-Application Advice and Invalid Applications

Following a review of charges in October 2008, the Council adopted new Charges for DocumentsPre-Application Advice and Invalid Applications, and for Application Checking.

Highbarns Chalk Mines

Ground investigation work has been taking place in the Highbarns area of Hemel Hempstead.

A geological survey focused on a relatively limited area around the junction of Pond Road, Highbarns and East Green has revealed evidence of old chalk workings.

We are working closely with Hertfordshire County Council to assess the situation in more detail and develop an appropriate plan for further action. 

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Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment)(No. 2)(England) Order 2008

As from 1 October 2008, amendments to the General Permitted Development Order Regulations in respect of Part 1 householder permitted development (PD) rights came into force. This is the first major review of householder PD rights since June 1995. This comes hot off the heals of Part 40 PD rights which were introduced in April this year in respect of the Installation of Domestic Microgeneration Equipment. Further advice on PD rights can be found on the Do I need Planning Permission page.

Please note that, due to the complexity of the new regulations, householders are strongly advised to get a Lawful Development Certificate to establish beyond doubt whether their proposed development would or wouldn't constitute PD under the new regulations.

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East of England Plan

The East of England Plan was published 12 May 2008. This document set out the scale, broad location and timing of future development across the region.

Discharge of Conditions on Planning Approvals now fee attractable

For more information please see the Discharge of Conditions page.

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Validation checklists for planning applications

Validation checklists were adopted on 27 March 2008 for the purpose of validating planning applications. To take effect from 7th April 2008.

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