Replacement windows and doors application

Replacement windows and doors on domestic properties need to meet building regulations.

If the replacement windows and doors are installed by anyone other than a FENSA, CERTASS or BSI registered installer, then you will have to complete a replacement windows and doors application form and forward the appropriate fee.

Download a copy of the  Building Regulation Application Form (PDF 322KB), then print it out, complete and return to us.

When replacing windows or doors, it must be ensured that:

  • the opening parts of windows are not reduced in size so that escape out of the windows is made more difficult
  • the ventilation provided to the room is not reduced
  • the replacement is thermally efficient. Single glazing is not acceptable except in the case of listed and historic buildings or buildings located within conservation areas.

A FENSA, CERTASS or BSI registered installer self-certifies and therefore no application has to be made to Building Control. Each registering body notifies us of work carried out by one of its installers.

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