Old Town, Hemel Hempstead

The High Street has a community atmosphere and is a unique shopping experience featuring many speciality shops and services. Visitors can soak up the Victorian, Georgian and Tudor architecture in a street described as “the prettiest street in Hertfordshire”. Recent refurbishment works have underpinned this period feel, with a cobbled road and stone paved footpaths.

The Old Town of Hemel Hempstead boasts a diverse selection of specialist shops including fine art, antiques, quality giftware, furniture, angling supplies, soft furnishing, flowers, holistic well being, travel agents, bicycles and hair and beauty salons.

You can also drink in the atmosphere of the Old Town in any of the period pubs, retro cafes and cosmopolitan restaurants dotted along the High Street. Diverse and varied menus that cater for all palates can be savoured.

A stroll around the area reveals historic buildings such as the Old Town Hall and St Mary's Church, artefacts from bygone times, such as the old plough and water pump near the entrance to the car park, and cobbled alleyways leading towards the planted gardens of Gadebridge Park.

  • Hemel Old Town kettle
  • Hemel Old Town decorative door
  • Charter Tower, Hemel Old Town
  • Off the Wall, Hemel Old Town
  • Enchanted Oak, Hemel Old Town
  • House of Elliott, Hemel Old Town
  • Chiangmai Cottage Hemel Old Town.
  • Bench in Hemel Hempstead Old Town High street
  • Hemel Old High Street memorial
  • Alley between Hemel Old High Street and Gadebridge Park
  • Old Town Hall, Hemel
  • The Tea Tree, Hemel Old Town
  • The Old Bell, Hemel Old Town
  • Jordans Antiques, Hemel Old Town

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