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Paying for your water

Your water charges

In August 2017 we asked for our tenants' opinions about changing the way you pay for water. We have considered all the feedback carefully and have decided that we will be passing the collection of water charges back to the water companies.

This means that there will be an important change to the way you will be charged for water and wastewater services from April 2018.

All our tenants have received a letter explaining what will happen next, how these changes will affect you and what you will need to do.

What is going to happen?

At the moment, our tenants pay the charges for water and wastewater to us. These charges are shown each year in the annual rent change letter. We then pay the water companies for their service.

From April 2018, we will stop charging our tenants for water and wastewater services. Instead, the water companies will send you a separate bill and it will be your responsibility to pay them directly for water services.

How will these changes affect you?

We will share the names and address details of our tenants with the appropriate water company so that they can start sending bills directly from April 2018. They will then write to you to tell you more about what will happen and when.

Find out who supplies your water

Depending on where in Dacorum you live, your water company is either Affinity Water or Thames Water. Find out who your supplier is on the Water UK website.

Both of these companies have payment schemes designed to save you money on your water bill.

Contacting your water supplier

For more details, please visit the Affinity Water or Thames Water websites.

Support to pay your water bills

If you receive means-tested benefits, such as housing benefit or income support, you may be entitled to some help paying your water bills. Each water supplier runs its own scheme, so you should contact it directly to see what support could be available to you.

Plumbing and repairs

You would report any repairs to your water pipes and plumbing to us in the same way as you do now. Your rights and responsibilities remain exactly the same. Find out more about reporting a repair.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Who decides how much I pay for water and wastewater services?

    We currently collect water charges on behalf of the water companies. We simply act as a middle man, collecting the amount that they tell us is due. We do not negotiate charges with them.

    From April 2018, you will pay the water company directly and stop paying your water charges to us.

  • How can I get help to pay my water charges?

    If you pay the water company directly there are a number of schemes available designed to reduce the cost of your water. These schemes are open to people who meet certain criteria.

  • How do I pay my water charges?

    The water companies offer a variety of payment methods and schedules and will work with you to find the one that suits best.

  • Will I be required to have a water meter?

    Many of our tenants would benefit from having a metered supply, but the water companies have no immediate plans to introduce compulsory metering. If they did, we would comply with this request.

  • I live in a supported housing scheme, what about me?

    We are aware that there are particular issues relating to certain sheltered schemes and will carefully consider whether residents of these schemes should continue to pay water charges to us, even if we transfer the collection of water rates for most tenants back to the water company.

  • Who is responsible for repairs to my water supply?

    When the transfer goes ahead, you should continue to report any repairs issues relating to the water supply in exactly the same way as you do now. You will not be required to take out insurance for the water supply pipes. In addition, no other terms of your tenancy will be affected.

  • Will the amount I pay the council stay the same?
    When this change goes ahead, the amount you pay us each week will reduce by the amount of the water charges – you simply pay these to the water company instead.
  • I want to pay my water bills weekly - can I do this?
    The water companies offer a variety of payment methods and schedules. They will work with you to find the one that suits you best. If you want to pay weekly you will be able to do this using a payment card, which will be sent to you automatically.
  • Who decides how much I pay for my water?

    The water companies provide figures directly to us, telling us how much we need to collect and this is the charge we have passed on to tenants.

    These charges are based on the size and 'rateable value' of your home, and are set by the water companies. We do not charge our tenants any more than the rate set by the water company.

  • Have I been overpaying for my water?

    Our agreement with Affinity Water and Thames Water has been to act as an agent and collect water charges on their behalf. This has helped you to keep paying a fixed rate, which is dictated directly by the water companies themselves.

    The contract that we have ensures that you are not charged any more than if you were to have an unmetered agreement directly with the water company. We have not overcharged our tenants.

    Over the past year, we have worked with our tenants to review this arrangement. It is important to us that you are able to access all options available, including any discount schemes.