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Mutual exchange

We call swapping your home with another tenant a ‘mutual exchange’. As one of our tenants, you can swap your home with other tenants in Dacorum and also with many other tenants across England.

You can advertise your home and search for someone to exchange your home with on Many landlords across England use this system and it gives you access to thousands of properties across the country.

What happens if I'm behind on rent payments, have caused a nuisance to my neighbour or if I have made unauthorised alterations to my home?

You will not be allowed to move home if there has been a serious breach of your tenancy conditions. This means that if you are significantly behind with your rent, you have caused a nuisance to your neighbour or you have made unauthorised alterations to your home, you will not be allowed to move.

Common alterations include knocking down walls, installing your own kitchen and/or bathroom and putting in a shower. If you have done any of these without written permission from us, you will need to write to the Housing Service's Asset Management Team to apply for retrospective permission before you put in your application for a mutual exchange. Call 01442 228000 and ask for 'Housing'. 

If your move is agreed by us and the previous tenant has carried out any alterations, you will be asked to sign a letter agreeing to take over responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of them. It is important that you understand how this will affect you should any defect occur in the future.

If we have not agreed to your move, you need to call your Lettings Officer on 01442 228000 to find out what you can do to ensure that you will not be prevented from moving in the future.

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