Wheelchair-accessible taxis and private hire vehicles

We licence a number of vehicles which are constructed or adapted to safely carry passengers in wheelchairs. These vehicles include additional features, such as ramps or lifts, restraint points for securely holding a wheelchair in place, and seatbelts for passengers in wheelchairs. All of our licensed accessible vehicles have either been built and tested in accordance with a manufacturer's specification, approved either by the UK Department for Transport or an EU member state, or have been fully tested by VOSA to ensure their safety.

We maintain a list of wheelchair-accessible taxis, allowing customers to contact them to pre-book journeys. We have also included a number of private hire operators (local licensed cab companies) who operate at least one accessible vehicle. This list can be downloaded below.

We are grateful to the individuals and companies included, who have given us their permission to publish their contact details.

From time to time we will publish updates to this list, so please check this page regularly for the latest version.

 Wheelchair-accessible taxis and private hire vehicles (PDF 322KB)