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Pest control services

We offer treatment for a variety of pests both in homes in the borough and in business premises.

Pest control services

  • Pest control for residents

  • Pest control for businesses

Advice on common pests

Find out how you can prevent some of the more common pests that you might come across:

 Ants leaflet (PDF 224 KB)

 Bedbugs domestic (PDF 347 KB)

 Cluster flies leaflet (PDF 238 KB)

 Cockroach leaflet (PDF 219 KB)

 Flea leaflet (PDF 246 KB)

 Glis Glis leaflet (PDF 251 KB)

 Mice leaflet (PDF 266 KB)

 Rats leaflet (PDF 360KB)

 Silverfish leaflet (PDF 214 KB)

 Squirrels leaflet (PDF 252 KB)

 Wasps leaflet (PDF 281 KB)

 Urban foxes leaflet (PDF 463 KB) For advice on dealing with urban foxes, please see the Fox Project website.

For information on dealing with swarms of honey bees, please see the British Beekeepers Association website.

Contact us:
Residents: Call 01442 228000 and ask for 'pest control'
Business customers: Call 01442 228543

Need some help with pests? Get in touch!

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