Trees and woodlands

Our Trees and Woodlands team manage and maintain the thousands of publicly owned trees across the borough. Our team is both office and field based, conducting tree surveys, carrying out maintenance work on existing trees, planting new trees and implementing strategies to protect our trees for future generations. We also advise on trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders, those in conservation areas and where trees are affected by development.

Report a tree problem

If you would like to report a problem with a tree/trees, please use the link below and fill out our online contact form.

Report a tree problem

Privately owned dangerous tree

In the event of a tree being in a dangerous condition, whereby it could cause death or serious injury to somebody in a nearby garden, park or road, please contact us.

While we are unlikely to have any lawful interest in a privately owned tree, we may wish to investigate the matter in the interests of public safety.

Trees and woodlands policy

We have produced a trees and woodlands policy, which gives each tree that we have responsibility for a ‘Life’ rating according to its condition and situation. This will ensure that when people, trees and property come into conflict, there are sound solutions to guide you. 

The policy formalises a new system called LIFE, which rates (using a number from one to six) how far a tree has progressed through its life in a given situation and against its overall condition. This makes it much easier for the Clean, Safe and Green team to track the condition of trees and ensures that we have a smarter inspection regime. It will reduce the chances of a tree collapsing, which may lead to injury or property damage.

 Trees and woodlands policy 2015-2020 (PDF 2MB)