Speak at a Development Management Committee meeting

Councillors are elected by voters in Dacorum to decide on a range of issues on behalf of residents.

The Development Management Committee meets once a month. You can find a list of meeting dates on our meetings calendar

The rules

  • When you are invited to speak, you must address your statement or question to the Chairman of the Committee.
  • You must show respect for the Chairman and the meeting.
  • You must take your seat after making a statement or asking a question to listen to the reply. Afterwards, you may join the public for the rest of the meeting, or leave the meeting.

The questioner may not ask the same or a similar question within a six-month period except for the following circumstances:

  1. Deferred planning applications which have foregone a significant or material change since originally being considered;
  2. Resubmitted planning applications which have foregone a significant or material change;
  3. Any issues which are resubmitted to the Committee in view of further facts or information to be considered.

At a meeting of the Development Management Committee, a person or their representative may speak on a particular planning application, as long as it is on the agenda to be considered at the meeting.

For each planning application being considered at the meeting, a maximum of three minutes will be allocated for each of the following groups to address the meeting, on a first come, first served basis:

  • town/parish council and neighbourhood associations;
  • objectors to an application;
  • supporters of an application.

If more than one person in any of the categories above wishes to speak, they should agree with the other members of that category the order in which they should speak or agree that one member of a category will represent the views of the others.

Permitted times

Each speaker can speak for a maximum of three minutes. Where more than one person wishes to speak on a single planning application, the shared time increases from three to five minutes.

Please note: if an application is recommended for approval, only objectors will be allowed to speak and then supporters will have the right to reply. Applicants will only be allowed to speak where the application is recommended for refusal.

If you wish to speak, you need to let us know in writing - or by telephone - no more than six days before the meeting (once the agenda is published). The deadline to register is 5pm the day before the meeting.

The meeting will finish at 10pm, which can be extended to 10.30pm if the Chairman calls a vote. All applications unheard will be deferred to the next meeting.

Handing out documents at the meeting is not permitted. If you have any additional information you wish to submit to the committee, this must be sent to member.support@dacorum.gov.uk before 5pm the day before the meeting.

To register to speak

Please go to the date and agenda of the meeting you wish to speak at. The form to complete will be underneath each agenda item. Alternatively, please call 01442 228000 and ask for Member Support.