Health in Dacorum 


The Health in Dacorum committee meets four times a year to discuss and examine the role that we play in promoting and increasing the health and wellbeing of residents in the borough. For example, through Environmental Health initiatives.

The committee also ensures that the borough has a voice in the performance of public health services provided in Dacorum.

The committee is made up of seven councillors.

Committee membership

Health in Dacorum committee membership
Conservative Liberal Democrat  Independent
Cllr Birnie Cllr England
Cllr Maddern
Cllr Brown    
Cllr Guest (Chair)    
Cllr Hicks    
Cllr Howard    
Cllr Taylor (Vice Chair)    
   Cllr Link  
   Cllr Pringle  
   Cllr Ransley  
   Cllr Tindall  

Annual report

 Health in Dacorum Committee Annual Report 2017-2018 (PDF 53KB)