Appeals Committee


The Appeals Committee meets to decide on appeals against decisions made by or on behalf of the Council.

The committee deals with:

  • Employment appeals 
  • Business rates appeals
  • Tree Preservation Orders.

The committee is made up of five members who are chosen from a pool of councillors appointed by Full Council, and who have received the appropriate training.

Due to the confidential nature of the issues that the Appeals Committee deals with, meeting agendas, minutes and reports are not available to the public.

Committee membership

Appeals Committee membership
Conservative Party Liberal Democrat Party 
Cllr Adeleke Cllr Link
Cllr Bassadone (Chair)
Cllr Conway
Cllr Fantham  
Cllr P Hearn (Vice-Chairman)
Cllr Mills  
Cllr Riddick
Cllr R Sutton
Cllr Taylor

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