Elections 2017

Find out about upcoming elections, and how to vote in them, and election results in 2017.

Hertfordshire County Council election - Thursday 4 May 2017

Registering to vote

Applications to register to vote at this election must reach us before Thursday 13 April 2017. To find out how to register, please visit our Register to vote page.

Absent voting

If you are away or cannot go to the polling station on Thursday 4 May you can do one of the following:

  • Apply to vote by post. Completed applications must reach us before 5pm on Tuesday 18 April 2017. If you are given a postal vote, you will not be able to vote in person at this election.
  • Apply to vote by proxy (this means someone else can vote on your behalf). Completed applications must reach us by 5pm on Tuesday 25 April 2017. If you appoint a proxy, you can vote if you wish, but only if your proxy has not already voted on your behalf and has not got a postal vote for you.

To find out how to apply, please visit our Postal and proxy voting page.