Youth Involvement Strategy


Young people have been consulted to find out the level of involvement, the activities, and the types of decisions that they would like to have a say in. We wanted to hear what local youth want in Dacorum and let them know what we will do to support them.

This information was used to create a Youth Involvement Strategy, which outlines what young people want and what we will do to support young people to achieve their goals.

 Youth Involvement Strategy (PDF 544KB)

Our work with schools

European Local Democracy Week (ELDW)

Every year we work with schools and youth groups to engage young people in Local Democracy Week. This is an annual European event where local authorities from the member states of the Council of Europe organise public events to meet with their citizens.

In Dacorum, we hope to bring the future generation of voters up to speed about what democracy is all about, how councils work and how to get involved and make their opinions heard.