New climate and ecological emergency strategy agreed

Working to address the climate and ecological emergency is one of our six corporate priorities.

Our new climate and ecological emergency (CEE) strategy provides information on our carbon emissions (both as an organisation and a borough) and outlines our key objectives and how we will work to achieve these:

  1. Reach net-zero emissions as an organisation by 2030
  2. Reach net-zero emissions for our council housing stock, by 2050 at the latest
  3. Support the borough in reducing its emissions and reaching net zero as quickly as possible, by 2050 at the latest
  4. Support the borough in improving biodiversity
  5. Support the borough in creating more sustainable communities

The strategy provides an overview of our proposed actions under the key themes of sustainable transport, energy use, biodiversity and sustainable communities. Under each of these key areas we discuss what we are doing, what we are doing to support others, and actions you could take as an individual.

As a Council, we are responsible for less than one per cent of direct carbon emissions within the borough. We understand that our wider role in helping to address the climate emergency will be supporting others in reducing and offsetting the remaining 99 per cent of emissions.

There are a wide variety of actions outlined in the CEE strategy - some of which have already taken place, some are under way, whilst others are planned for the future.

Read our CEE strategy, and find out the latest about our sustainability work on our Climate change and sustainability page.