Make the switch to reusable nappies

It is estimated that the average child will wear 4,000 disposable nappies from birth until they are potty trained. With around 4,846 children wearing nappies in Dacorum at any one time, this means a huge amount of waste is being sent to landfill.

To reduce waste, Dacorum is supporting Hertfordshire’s WasteAware team to launch the HERTS Reusable Nappies scheme. WasteAware is confident that suitable reusable nappies are available for every child in Hertfordshire and aims to make reusables the nappy of choice.

The new scheme includes an online hub for local parents and carers to receive support and guidance on the different nappy types, the terminology used, and what they will need to get started. All parents are eligible for an exclusive 15 per cent discount on a wide selection of reusable nappies and accessories, including many eco-living products from a variety of top suppliers.

The Environment Agency has established that reusables reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40 per cent. Reusable nappies provide great absorbency and come in a large variety of sizes and shapes meaning they are safe and comfortable. There is also a large selection of prints, colours and fabrics available, making reusables much more fun than their disposable counterparts. 

Despite the upfront cost, using reusable nappies from birth until your child is potty trained can save families around £500.

As Helena Jackson, WasteAware Co-Ordinator and leader of the HERTS Reusable Nappies scheme, explains: “Many parents and parents-to-be want to protect the environment and reduce their waste. Choosing reusable nappies is a great way of doing this. However with the many products currently available it can be hard for parents to know where to begin. This is where the HERTS Reusable Nappies scheme can help. We provide easy access to all the information parents need, showcasing the range of nappies and accessories available from our partnering suppliers, and providing a 15 per cent discount to help with the upfront costs of making the switch. Our aim is to help find a nappy that is the perfect fit for each baby in Hertfordshire."

More exciting content including videos and live events from friendly experts will be coming during National Reusable Nappy Week (19 to 25 April 2021).

For more information, visit the HERTS Reusable Nappies website