Sign up for our extra green bin service

If you regularly create more garden waste than you can fit in your green bin, then why not sign up for our 2020 Additional Garden Waste Subscription Service?

The service offers you the opportunity to buy additional 240-litre green-lidded bins for £25 each and have them collected on your normal garden waste collection day for a seasonal subscription fee of £55.

Garden waste collections begin again from the fortnight beginning 9 March and run through until November.

You can find out when your next green-lidded bin collection is using our online postcode checking tool. Waste collection calendars can also be downloaded here.

The regular garden waste service currently provided to householders will remain unchanged - the additional service is an optional extra.

Green-lidded bins are for organic garden waste only, such as:

  • grass/hedge cuttings
  • leaves
  • twigs/small branches
  • flowers (including cut flowers that are kept inside the house)
  • prunings
  • weeds
  • small animal bedding made from straw, hay or woodchips (but not shredded paper)

All cardboard should be recycled in the blue-lidded bin and all food waste should go into food waste caddies. No plastic, cardboard, food waste or other waste should ever go in the green-lidded bin.

For more information and to subscribe, visit our Additional Garden Waste Subscription Service page.