Bovingdon residents to have their say on proposed Neighbourhood Plan

Bovingdon Neighbourhood Plan logo

Bovingdon Parish Council has applied to us to write a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. This plan will consider how and where future development could take place in the parish.

We're asking Bovingdon residents whether the proposed plan area is appropriate. If the area is approved, there will be an opportunity for local people to get involved in what they would like to see in the plan.

This is the first parished area in Dacorum to request designation of their area and this would be only the second Neighbourhood Plan produced in Dacorum.

Preparing a neighbourhood development plan means Bovingdon residents have the opportunity to shape and define how their area should grow and change in the future and influence the use of land in the village. Neighbourhood plans establish general planning policies and play an important part in decisions on planning applications. Having a Neighbourhood Plan also means that parishes receive a greater proportion of Community Infrastructure Levy arising from developments in their area than those without a Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood planning activity can only formally take place in areas specifically designated by the council as a neighbourhood area.

The deadline for making comments on the proposed plan area is Friday 30 November 2018. Details on the proposed area designation and response forms are available on our Bovingdon Neighbourhood Plan page.

Paper copies of the consultation documents will be available at The Forum in Hemel Hempstead, Bovingdon Parish Council offices and Bovingdon Community Library throughout the consultation period during normal opening hours.

What happens next?

Once the consultation is complete, the comments received will be considered by us before a judgement is made on whether the area is appropriate.

If the area is approved, the Parish Council can begin work on a Neighbourhood Plan for the Bovingdon Neighbourhood Area. If adopted, a Neighbourhood Plan becomes part of the statutory development plan, which establishes general planning policies for the development and use of land within the area.

To become part of the development plan, a Neighbourhood Plan must receive a majority ‘Yes’ vote in a local referendum organised by the local planning authority.