Win £500 in our ‘Unwearables’ video competition

We're after innovative individuals to take part in a short video competition promoting a countywide textiles recycling campaign - The Unwearables.

Every year around £140 million worth of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK - that’s around 350,000 tonnes. WasteAware, part of the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership, is on a mission to get residents reusing and recycling their textiles instead of throwing them into their waste bin.

What are the 'Unwearables'?

The Unwearables are all those tatty textiles cluttering up your home. Holey socks, ripped tights, stained sheets and torn T-shirts. Or perhaps just well-worn items that you wouldn’t pass on to someone else, such as old baby grows or underwear. Whatever they are, we want them recycled! Your Unwearables can become anything from a carpet or mattress, to sofa stuffing or wiper rags.

Neighbourhood textile recycling banks are only for "flat textiles", such as clothes, curtains, duvet covers and pillow cases. "Stuffed textiles", such as cushions, duvets and pillows, need to be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre (tip/dump) to be recycled.

Unwanted items with plenty of life left in them should be sold or donated to someone else who can enjoy them.

Textiles should never go in your kerbside bins. To find where your nearest textile recycling bank is, visit our recycling centres page.

The competition

We're asking for a short video to be produced (45 seconds maximum) that promotes the key messages of our Unwearables campaign. The first stage will be submitting your ideas for the video via our application form - the deadline for this is midnight on 15 December 2017.

A winning application will be selected, and then that person will have until February to create the video. Upon successful submission of the finished video, the winner will be awarded a £500 cash prize.

The video will be shown in numerous public locations across Hertfordshire, including town centres, council offices and events, as well as on social media and council websites.

All entrants must be current residents of Hertfordshire in order to be eligible to join the competition.

Visit the WasteAware website to find out more and submit an application.