Love Food, Hate Waste challengers halve their food waste

This summer we invited local residents to take part in our third Love Food, Hate Waste challenge. 

More than 130 people took part and became Food Champions after learning how to get food waste savvy in the kitchen. With practical advice on how to reduce food waste we helped challengers save around £25 on a weekly shop. Participants agreed that they had started doing things differently in the kitchen and most had halved the amount of food they were wasting.

Food Champion Lynette said: “I signed up knowing that I didn't waste much edible food, but I was intrigued to see what the challenge involved as there is always something new to learn. I have been so impressed by the items sent through and just how much fun and passion has been communicated by the emails. 

"I hope those who were wasting edible food have seen just how easy it is not to. You have given much food for thought and inspiration to everyone, thank you. I hope others will have found it as positive an experience as I have.”

Reducing the amount of food wasted is important for a range of social and environmental reasons – currently, nearly a third of all food produced goes uneaten. 

The Love Food, Hate Waste challenge will be running again throughout November. To take part, email or visit our Love Food Hate Waste page to find out more.