Subscribe now to have extra garden waste collected

Residents who generate extra garden waste can now sign up to this year’s Additional Garden Waste Subscription Service.

Householders can buy an unlimited number of 240-litre green-lidded bins for £25 each. The bins, including any extra that you may have previously bought from us, will be emptied through the seasonal subscription service, which costs £50 for every additional green-lidded bin.

They will be collected on the same day and at the same frequency as the normal garden waste collections, typically from March to November.

The regular service currently provided to householders will remain unchanged - this is simply an optional extra for residents.

Please note: green-lidded bins are for garden waste only. All cardboard should be recycled in your blue-lidded bin and all food waste should go into the food waste caddies.

For more information and to subscribe to the service, please visit