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Universal Credit

Universal Credit has started to replace Housing Benefit for some working age claimants. Visit the Universal Credit information page to find out if you need to claim Universal Credit instead of Housing Benefit.

How long will my claim take?

If you have handed in a new claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support today, it will take about two weeks for us to calculate your benefit or write to you if we need some more information.

If you have told us about a change in your circumstances today, it will take about two weeks for us to calculate your benefit or write to you if we need some more information.


Council Tax Benefit and Housing Benefit changed in April 2013.

  • Council Tax Benefit has been replaced with local Council Tax Support. For more information on our Council Tax Support scheme, please see our Council Tax Support page.
  • Housing Benefit entitlements for working age people in the social sector now reflect household size in a similar way to people renting in the private sector.

For more information, view our   leaflet about benefit changes (PDF 876 KB) 

Other changes to the benefits system

The Government has introduced a limit on the total amount of benefit that most working age people can get. For more information please visit

Many of the separate benefits that working age people can get, including Housing Benefit, will be replaced by a single benefit called Universal Credit. For more information please visit

Electronic communications order

So that we can accept reports of changes in circumstances over the internet, the benefit rules require the Chief Executive to make a formal direction to allow this. View   the full text of the direction (PDF 286 KB)

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